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There are currently two raid groups running 10 man content. The first is the core group led by myself, Midastouchy. The second is run by Thebaitr. Both groups raids will be on the in game calendar and clearly marked with dates and times.

My group is the core progression runs. We are here to raid, kill bosses, and progress as fast as possible through the released content. We raid 3-4 nights a week as needed. Tuesday and Wednesday are the main raid nights where we attempt to get as much farm content cleared as possible. Invites to my raid are based on a few factors, most importantly they are based on your skill and knowledge as a player. The best of the best is my expectation.

The second group run by Thebaitr is mostly formed with his close and personal IRL and online friends. He will need to fill a few spots now and then, and they will be filled at his discretion.
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